Anneliese's Elevation Ceremony to Companion of the Order of Laurel

At Northern lights, Lady Anneliese was called into vigil to reflect on her notification of her "patent pending" (pun on the fact that elevation to Companion of the Order of the Laurel comes with a Patent of Arms). She spent several hours at that event in seclusion, and the next 2 weeks in vigil. The missive given at Northern lights commanded her presence at the last court of then King Lucan and Queen Jana.
Ever the obedient servant, Lady Anneliese appeared before the King and Queen at the Coronation of their Heirs, Prince Darius and Princess Roxanne, and accepted the honor bestowed upon her by the King and Queen.

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Following is the Poem written for Anneliese, by Countess Brekke Franksdottir, who spoke for Anneliese on behalf of the Ladies of the Rose

[I took the liberty of fixing spelling mistakes in Anneliese's name]

Anneliese’ s Laurel

Anneliese Wolkenhaar. Courteous her thread she spins.
Honor dyes them, shining bright, and with service weaves them in.
Enthusiastic Anneliese. Joyful teaches, joyful learns,
Always courteous and kind. To the best her being yearns.
Anneliese Wolkenhaar. To the highest she does live,
For more knowledge searches out, for the best that she can give.
Anneliese Wolkenhaar spins her life with courtesy,
Dyes it with her honor bright, weaves it in glad tapestry.


Following is the letter written by Mistress Thora Sharptooth, read by Mistress Dorigen the Grey on behalf of the Order of the Laurel

Be it remembered that on St. Marcellinus' day, the sixth April the year of the Reign of Kyng Lucan the Sixth and Quene Yana the Third, the Worshipful Order of the Laurel of this kingdom cometh here into the Court and putteth to the same Kyng and Quene a supplication the tenor whereof followeth in these words. I humbly beseech Your good Majesties tenderly to consider the Request ensuing.

First, that for the weal and conservation of the said Order, and that from henceforth true and faithful work be done and used in the same without fraud or deceit of the kyng's liege people and the honesty of the said Order, every person of the said Order maketh in every reign due and faithful search throughout all the said kingdom as well of all manner workmanship pertaining to the said Order.

Also, that Lady Anneliese Wolkenhaar hath by her workmanship, behavior, and bearing arrested the attention of the said Order.

Also, that Lady Anneliese doth have perfite experience of workmanship in spinning, dyeing, working, and weaving either of wool or silk or in especial linen.

Also, that Lady Anneliese is of good and honest behavior and bearing as well in her words as in her deeds.

Also, that Lady Anneliese be accepted and enhabiled and granted and confirmed and registered and entered here, by the Authority of this Court and there to remain forever of Record (to be executed according to right reason and the Custom of this kingdom), a member of Your Worshipful Order of the Laurel.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Frances Consitt, _The London Weavers' Company_, vol. 1 (Oxford: Clarendon Press,1933), Appendix 14, pp. 218-223. This speech is adapted from the Articles of the Weavers' Craft, 1492, London.

This is the text of the Oath she made upon receiving her Cloak, Medallion, and Garters. The Garters were woven in the pattern of Laurel wreaths by Mistress Thora Sharptooth - click here for a picture.

Whereas we, Lucan and Jana, have been informed of the honest and good works of Lady Anneliese Wolkenhaar by our Peers of this Realm; we have also taken knowledge of her skills in the arts of spinning, weaving, and dyeing for the greater good of our Realm and the pleasure of our most Loyal Subjects; therefore we have assembled the members of our Order of the Laurel to hear these words:
Lady Anneliese, ye shall swear that ye shall be faithful to the Office of the Crown of the East Kingdom, and to the subjects of these Eastern lands;
that ye shall be true to your Craft and to the Baylyffes of your Craft that now be and in time to come shall live within the borders of our most fair Known World;
that ye will not bring or cause to be brought into this Realm deceitfully dyed silk that is so rotted, corrupted, and spoiled that it is not fit to be worn or bled;
that you will not be so bold as to dye wool in a cauldron if it belong to a foreign man or woman;
that ye will not cause your fabrics to be woven with fraudlent foreign stuffs as Poly of Ester, Rayon or A Crylic;
that if you know or learn of such corrupt and decietful stuffs used by innocent subjects of the Realm, that will bring harm or disgrace to said subjects, ye shall make warning and be willing to help remedy the situation;
that ye should teach your workers in the use of the rock and the reel and use true wools and hemps, and keep them away from falsely made foreign goods spun on untrustworthy machines;
that in times when there is doubt among the subjects as to the worthiness of the cloth, the weave, or the dyestuff, you shall willingly consult the Greater Baylyffes of the Craft, Jorgenson, Hald, Pritchard, Collingwood, Geiger, liles, and Baines and hear their sage words of advice;
that you will let your workmen begin their work when the first mass is sung and cease work with the embroiderers stop work, and on Saturdays stop work at precicely noon;
that if you become rich, and wish to give up your trade, you will forswear it and turn your tools out of the house, and then do as much for the Kingdom as you are able to do in your freedom.
All these things shall you do and keep well and truly on your behalf to your power?
Mindful of our knowledge of your worthiness and the wishes of those who bear the worshipful livery of the Laurel; it please us to put upon you the good livery, and make you one of that fellowship. Will you accept that honor from us?

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