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Young Katie of the Girl Scout’s and some of her favorite patterns
Sewing Patters and Guides for Historical Clothing and Costumes

SCA links
The East Kingdom official home page
The Society For Creative Anachronism official home page
Have questions? Want answers? Check out the SCA Newcomer’s Portal!
The The Known World Map for the list of Kingdom’s, Inter-Kingdom Wars, Branches and a Principality.
Search for your Kingdom.
East Kingdom local group finder by zip code.
East Kingdom Precedence Reference Page who has what title?

Resource links for Newcomers
SCA Customs and History
Reconstructing History
Footwear of the Middle Ages, patterns for various shoes and information on shoe making
The SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage to answer all your questions
Osprey’s Essential Norman Conquest an awesome site for information on the Norman Conquest including 3-D images of Normans and Saxons

SCA Resource links (good sources of accurate Medieval Information)
East Kingdom Youth Combat website
Athena’s Thimble, the SCA needlework guild
Medieval and Renaissance Recipes
Costumer’s Manifesto: an index to costuming resources; includes some period (and much non-period) material
East Kingdom Brewers Guild

The SCA in the Media
“Society For Creative Anachronism Seizes Control of Russia.” A satirical article by The Onion

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