Officer Policy

Candidates for an office should be aware of the responsibilities of that office.

**Policies are currently being revised by the shire.**

Shire officers and their deputies are required to perform their duties in complete accord with East Kingdom law and policy and Society corpora.

In addition, the Shire of Eisental holds its officers and deputies to the following standards:

1. Exemplify the chivalric ideals on which the Society is based, both in word and deed.
2. Provide leadership and guidance for the membership at large.
3. Be available and provide appropriate assistance to the populace.
4. Subscribe to and support the shire newsletter; e.g., submit officer reports, articles, announcements, etc.
5. Attend and actively participate in shire functions, including business meeting, local events, and demos.

Specifically, any of the following are grounds for review before the shire and possible removal from office:
a. Missing three (3) consecutive meetings without notification to the Seneschal or a designated deputy, with an acceptable excuse.
b. Failure to ensure fulfillment of the duties of their office at shire events.
c. Conduct unbecoming of an officer of the shire.

Updated May 22, 2023